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Olaplex is for hair that has been compromised chemically or thermally. The Bond Multiplying System can be used as a reset button for your hair and by doing so allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity. This treatment may be done on its own before and/or after a chemical service and may be applied in the salon once a week or more. It can also be added directly to your color or lightener to consolidate the process. Compatible with all hair types from virgin to extremely compromised chemically treated hair.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is your at home portion of the Olaplex System. This enables you to continue to repair and maintain strong, healthy hair in between services as it continues to link bonds within the hair.

ƒMalibuC Treatments

Crystal Gel:   Effectively removes mineral deposits & chlorine caused by exposure to hard or soft water, well water, pools & spas.  Crystal Gel ƒ instantly removes discoloration & brassiness caused by iron, copper & other minerals that can damage hair.  It also ƒ restores even the most damaged hair to a dramatically healthier condition and ƒ prepares hair for successful, reliable results of all chemical services.

Miracle Repair:  Immediately repairs damaged hair by ƒ rebuilding inner structure of hair.  It ƒ instantly detangles and restores manageability whileƒ hair becomes shinier, softer and full of body and bounce. ƒ 

The Malibu Makeover includes a Crystal Gel treatment followed by the Miracle Repair.  

ƒCPR:  Your first step to superior color correction. ƒCPR is a color pigment remover that releases unwanted pigment from permanent oxidized hair color. ƒ It removes pigment up to 3 levels without removing the natural pigment of hair. ƒ A antioxidant vitamin complex helps preserve the integrity of the hair. 

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